Apollo KH Hospital




In addition to the services of internal medicine department as described above, it caters the requirement and updated services to the diabetic’s population visiting the hospital.

It diagnoses old and new cases of diabetes especially Type-II diabetes evaluates the co-morbidities like hypertension, dyslipidaemia (cholesterol and fat disorders), obesity, coronary artery disease and various complications of the disease.

Investigation pertaining to diabetes like fasting and post prandial blood sugar, HbA1c, casual blood glucose, serum lipid profile, kidney function test, ECG, urine routine examination, urine micro and macro albuminuria are regularly to monitor progression of the disease.

Diabetics patient education is imparted to the patient by means of counselling regarding physical activity (Especially walking), Medical Nutritional Therapy and to improve the patient compliance in regular check-up, regular intake of medicines and injections. Periodically diabetic bulletin are given to the patients to carry out the blood sugar status.

With help of an expert team, periodically diabetic CME are conducted and through public health lectures on diabetics (audio visual communications are undertaken to the needy participant.

Additional tests like biothesiometry, ankle brachial index, corotid intima medial thickness are being ventured to assess the diabetic care.

The state of heart in diabetic care is improved with the incorporation of later developments in the field of diabetology.

The minimum 75% of patient inflow is from the diabetic populations. Apollo KH Hospital is unique in rendering the diabetic care to the people from larger pocket of rural areas in and around Ranipet district.

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