Apollo KH Hospital


Inpatient Services



For admission process, we have Floor Managers will help you at the inpatient admission counters in the main lobby. Prior to the surgery, the patient written consent is necessary. In the case of Minor, a parent or a guardian must sign the consent form.

If any surgery or procedure required, the counselor will explain the preparations need to be done beforehand will explain to the patient what to expect before and after the procedure or surgery. Many surgical procedures might require a stay of one or more days in the ICU following the surgery, after which, the patient will be shifted to the recovery room/ ward.

Patients should not bring valuables and jewellery. As Apollo KH Hospital is a smoke free zone. Cigarettes as well as intoxicants are strictly prohibited. A bystander can stay overnight with the patient.

Visitors: we know that family and friends are an important part of patient’s recovery. Keeping this in mind. Apollo KH Hospital allows patients to see their beloved ones but with some degree of restrictions. Only two visitors are allowed at a time (three in private rooms) during the visiting hours. It is decrease the chance of infection and ensures proper rest for all patients. People with cold or infections should not visit the hospital.. Each patient’s diet is strictly regulated in accordance with the patient’s medical requirements. Food is served from the hospital dietary kitchen only. Bringing food from outside to the hospital is prohibited.

Nursing: The nursing staff will assist with any problems or concerns the patient may have. If you need any help, you can contact the head nurse or incharge nurse.