Apollo KH Hospital


The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

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Apollo KH Hospital provide following facilities.:

  • Diet Planning according to patient disease/ health condition ( Register calories , Proteins)
  • Diet counselling and Nutrition education given to family members.
  • Nutritional assessment should be done to assess to nutritional status and a nutritional diagnosis has to be made.
  • Clinically appropriate diet regimen should be planned.
  • Post-operative oral/ enteral/parenteral nutrition must be done on time and Monitored on a regular basis.
  • Provide effective nutrition care , nutrition self – management education , counselling and support both in Prevention and management of diabetes.
  • Screening for any nutritional deficiency in the patient profile before surgery is done by the dietician and ensure corrective measures are taken and prepare the patient before surgery.
  • For Renal patients undergoing dialysis, the dietician need to pay special attention to ensure that their nutrition needs are met and malnutrition is prevented.
  • Inpatients food service provided accordingly to their disease condition.