Apollo KH Hospital


Radiodiagnosis & Imaging Sciences

Available Facilities
MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( 1.5 Tesla)
  • • Brain, spine, Abdomen , Breast , Heart and blood vessels , Internal Organs, such as the liver, womb ( or) prostate gland, Pelvis, Extremities, Anglo studies and contrast studies when required.

Computerised Tomography ( 32 slices)
  • Brain, PNS, Whole Abdomen, Spine, Pelvis, Extremities, Anglo Studies and contrast studies when required.

Computerised X - Ray Unit
  • Routine Chest x-ray , Abdomen, skull, spine, Pelvis, Extremities and Special Contrast studies such as Barium studies, IVP, RGP, AUG & MCU.

Portable Unit for bedside X- Rays
  • Bedside X- Rays for sick Patients.

  • Whole Abdomen Antenatal ( OBG) , Doppler Studies and Ultrasound Guided procedures.
  • Sono Mammography.

  • Digital Mammography with Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Women 40 years and older: every one to two years
  • Women 50 years and older: every year
  • Women who have had breast cancer or other breast problems or who have a family history of breast cancer might need to start getting mammograms before age 40, or they might need them more often.