Apollo KH Hospital


Department of Psychiatry / Mental Health

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Apollo KH Hospital Psychiatry Department established with the vision of initiating and developing mental health services at various level from grass root to international level. It also envisages disseminating awareness and education about mental illness; tackling stigma associated with mental health and extending psychiatric services to community and remote rural population.

Modern fast moving life goes challenges and complications giving rise to overbearing and difficult situations. During times of family – bereavement, relationship – crisis, work related stress, not – normal strange experiences, disturbing- thoughts, anxiety, depression, addictions and phobias etc. Psychiatrists and supporting health care professionals. We deal with the mental, emotional and behavioural aspects of human health. Drastic changes in behaviour without any visible cause require consultation with a psychiatrist. We provide services for the following conditions among many others -

Depression, Anxiety, COD ( Obsessive Compulsive disorders ), Drugs and Alcohol Addictions, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Behavioral and Emotional Issues, Eating Disorder, Sexual Problems , Marital Disharmony , Child- Adolescent Issues and Parent Counselling etc.

Some of the most fascinating and Novel treatments available here are

Psychotherapy: Helps in exploring the depths of the feelings and thought process of an individual and is the effective method of recovery.

Medication: A unique blend of medication and Psychotherapy reduces emotional and behavioural turmoil restoring mind and body health.

Hospitalization: A worsened condition may call for close monitoring for a period of time.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): An effective CAM is a useful substitute of regular health care.

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